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What We do

At TALK we offer creative solutions tailored to your environment, with an emphasis on dedicated employees trained and managed by you to fit your culture while enjoying ours and through an ample partnership we guide all efforts toward your business needs.

Technical Support

We remotely manage all your technical needs, from the most basic to the more advanced network support services through our qualified and experienced NOC engineers.


From obtaining the lead all the way to closing the sale at TALK we make sure that in the process you don’t just gain a sale and generate more revenue but you have a long standing customer that now understand the value of their acquisition.

Customer Care

One simple rule, always give people more than they expect to get.


Customer Support and First Call Resolution

TALK focuses on resolution from the first contact with the customer (FCR – First Call Resolution), this promotes greater satisfaction and avoids unnecessary costs, we manage all company technical support processes with the highest PCI compliance and strive to deliver a world class service.

TALK’s Customer Support solution manages active calls by providing information and responding to suggestions, enquiries and claims related to products/services throughout the entire customer lifecycle supported by a variety of omnichannel and multichannel strategies. As the front line we understand the importance of providing a world class experience on every call.

Solutions are based on customer type: B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), profile segmentation (mass, VIP, etc.)

Virtual Assistance, Lead Generation, Operations, and Administrative Support, Accounting

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